Is there a difference?

Do I really need to use a professional company to digitze my media?

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So you've decided to convert your memories to digital- but now comes perhaps the hardest part of your journey. Who do you choose to digitize your precious film?? While some may opt for the convenience of a local big box store, or think that doing it yourself is the cheapest way to go, choosing Larsen Digital to convert your media to digital will give you a quality result that you can't get anywhere else! Here at Larsen Digital, we take your memories very seriously, and we stand by the concept that our current business revolves around your priceless past. We specialize in digital conversion for all your film needs, while also offering restoration work, slideshows, and more. We have trained our employees and technicians on the most up to date software and equipment to make sure that your film gets the royal treatment! The equipment we use as part of our digital conversion process is professional grade machinery that will bring your memories back to life. Each piece of equipment captures every frame of film in high-resolution, which will ensure that your digital images are sharp and refined. Here at Larsen Digital, we not only convert your film to digital, but free digital color correction is included in the scanning service of all your slides, negatives and photos. Want your movie film and video tapes color corrected as well? Just ask and we can help you find the best option that fits your budget. Larsen Digital has been a featured provider for universities, professional sports teams, and government agencies, but we also specialize in the family. As a business that was started because of family, we know how important it is that you receive a scanning service that converts your memories the best way they can!