Have I waited too long?

Is it too late to convert my media to digital?

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Your grandparents, parents and now YOU, are storing all your old family memories on photos, slides, videos, and reels.. While you have been keeping your memories safe in your homes, they were slowly degrading & deteriorating. Did you know that chemical reactions are occurring in your film every single day, causing mold and fading to take over your once precious moment? Did you know that this process will continue on in your film until you send them to Larsen Digital to be converted to digital & stop the degradation?

The dyes in your slides, negatives, and reels will slowly degrade over time which will leave your memories discolored & with a reddish or blue hue. Once this happens to your film it can't be reversed. However, with our digital conversion process we can digitally color correct & balance the colors out on your favorite memories.

Not only does deterioration occur in slides, negatives or movie film, but it also occurs in other film formats as well! With prolonged sun exposure, photos will fade and lose their coloring. Photos are also susceptible to bring ripped or colored on by innocent viewers (children). Video tapes contain a film that works through magnetism, but that magnetism will weaken, causing the streaking and loss of footage in your video tapes.

All of your memories are important to you, even if they show signs of degradation, Larsen Digital will be able to digital preserve them so they can last a lifetime.