Why Scanning In the USA Is Important

why we scan in the usa - professional scanning service

At Larsen Digital we love helping people turn old memories into media that not only preserves them but lets you enjoy them with today's technology whether it be putting them on a disc, or your iPad, you'll be able to put those memories on Facebook.

The biggest danger to the preservation of film based memories is that they degrade and fade over time. The only remedy to stop the fading is to digitized your pictures, slides or videos. Once we've scanned your film to digital you no longer have to stress about losing your memories due to fading because their vibrancy is preserved digitally. Digital images and video files will always maintain their coloring and contrast and are preserved forever. We even suggest giving everybody in your family a copy to further protect them.

You will LOVE having easy access to your memories on your computer, tablet, or TV for family and friends to enjoy. No matter the device, easily locating specific moments in time has never been easier!

If you are like most people, you don't have hours to sort through all your physical photos and video tapes for an exact past time. When all the snippets from vacations, birthdays, holidays or other events are scanned to digital, they can be quickly organized for optimal storage.

Because we know that your film is irreplaceable we make our customers 3 critical guarantees so that your memories are properly scanned.

FIRST, we guarantee that you will receive a high-quality digital product that will look as good as technically possible. For that reason, we only use professional grade scanners that complete your conversion project with the best possible quality. We able to certify that every image and video file you receive will be transferred with the finest equipment and software available because we utilizing high-resolution options and the latest technology. And on top of that, we have an expert actually complete quality checks throughout the scanning process of your order to ensure that everything is being transferred and edited correctly. From the moment we receive your shipment, to the time we send it back, every step we take is with you and your keepsakes in mind.

The SECOND thing we guarantee our customers is that we promise to offer you the most competitive pricing. It would be nice to have all the money in the world, but that's not reality. What is a real, is that bringing your past back to life doesn't have to break the bank. With Larsen Digital, we are driven to help you maintain your legacy by offering the best prices for the product you receive.

THIRD, we are proud of the integrity we exercise in all our business practices and assure you that Larsen Digital is a name that you can trust with your irreplaceable treasures! We complete all your work in one facility located in Utah, rather than outsourcing it out of the country. While those who outsource to third world countries may boast of a cheaper price to be able to offer a lower quality service, we do not believe that risking your irreplaceable film is worth it.

We have the opportunity to work with individuals around the world, as well as large corporations and professional sports teams. Our experience is not limited but includes a wide array of project sizes and specifications, and we are confident in completing your order no matter how big or small.

Every step we take in completing your conversion project is done with efficiency, and we are here for you along the way. Have questions about your order? Call us and talk to a real individual who personally knows the status of your film. Because we do all our work in-house, all of our employees are familiar with every single frame of film that comes through our door.

Many wait until the last minute to submit their film for conversion, but we urge you not to procrastinate! Every day you let your film sit it deteriorates more. For best results send your order to Larsen Digital today!