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We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

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Very cool service. Great value at a reasonable price.

Ryan L.
Aurora, IL

I had over 75 video tapes to get transferred. I liked how you labeled each tape to match the disc number so it was easy to match them all up and label them afterwards. The DVD's look great and now we can easily watch our family video's. Thanks a ton!

Rick S.
Aurora, IL

I am so glad you recommended the MP4 video files to me. I didn't quite understand everything that you could do with them but my son took them and has been able to organize our video's in the order that we wanted them. He even took out parts that were unnecessary. Technology is amazing. Thank you for helping out our family.

Walter K.
Aurora, IL

Our slideshow turned out great. I know it was probably a pain to follow all of my crazy directions but you did. I love how everything turned out and I am proud to show it off to family and friends. This is a much easier way to enjoy family pictures. We made it a movie night and laughed for hours. What a rewarding business you have.

Laura C.
Aurora, IL