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Converting your Movie Film to digital is easy with Larsen Digital. With our order form, you can select whether you want your video files saved to DVD or BluRay, enabling you to watch your movie film on your TV.

If you want to watch a DVD on your TV, then you will want to order an DVD. If you have a Blu-Ray player and want a Blu-Ray disc you will want to order a High Definition Transfer & have it saved onto a Blu-Ray. As an optional choice, you can get the digital video file where it can be edited and shared online.

digital conversion movie film to DVD Bluray Mp4 Video File Digital Download copy

FREE Standard Definition DVD 720x480

With all movie film orders you will receive your first set of DVD's for free. This DVD will play on your TV and will contain all the footage from your film. Your disc will have chapter markers to make skipping through your DVD faster & easier. It does not include editing of the film (unless you have ordered advanced color correction) and does not include a menu.

Contact us if you would like to have a custom DVD that has a menu with a title, background music, title pages to announce a new chapter, chapter markings, reel leader trimmed out, edit out unwanted portions of video, include still photos (digital images) in video, captions or special requests not mentioned here. Just email us at , and describe your project, what you would like included and we can create a custom price for you.

High Definition Blu-Ray 1080x1920 - (1080p)

high definition blu-ray, HD, Menu Example, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm to Blu-Ray HD 1080

HD Blu-Ray Menu
16:9 Menu
5 Minute Chapters
Thumbnail picture per chapter
Start on any chapter

To add a Blu-Ray to your order it will add for every 2 hours of video.

Optional Custom Menu, Chapter Title Screens & leader trimmed out.

hd high def video file mp4 video file movie film

MP4 Video File Options

We offer the following file formats for movie film transfers:

High Definition 1080p HD

1080x1920 16:9 MP4 transferred to external hard drive.

Standard Definition

16:9 Wide Screen with black bars on each side to maintain aspect ratio

Storage Options

Video Files can be saved to an external hard drive or thumb drive or downloadeds.

You can download all your movie film for per GB.
Save to a disc: per disc.
Save ALL files to Thumb Drive: $20 .

720x480 16:9 MP4 transferred to external hard drive.

Digital Images from Movie Film

Digital Images Still photo from 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Movie Film

Create Digital Images from Your Movie Film

Watching your home movies on your TV or computer is always a fun, emotional experience.

Now you can capture those individual moments and frame them for everyone to see by having us provide digital images from your movie film video.

Digital Photos are 720x480 from SD transfers
or 1920x1080 from HD transfers.

We can create still images from your movie film using a wide range of capture timing; meaning that we can save every frame, or one frame every second, or one frame every 5 seconds, or anything you want.

Just call us to discuss your options.

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