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Facts about 110 Instamatic Film!

In 1972 Kodak introduced their Pocket Instamatic Cameras, which held 110 Instamatic cartridges. The 110 Instamatic film is a small version of their earlier 110 Instamatic films.. The pocket-sized camera was extremely popular, and quickly rose to the top of similar sized cameras, like the Minolta 16 series.

Kodak also came out with Kodachrome 110 Instamatic slide film until 1982, but that format was mainly known for print film.

Brands like Minolta, Canon, Pentax, Minox, Rollei, and others, along with Kodak, offered 110 Instamatic cameras that featured a multi-element focusing lens, as well as a precise, electronically controlled exposure system. These cameras made it possible to have high-quality images on a small 110 film.