We Transfer Your APS Films to Digital &
Upload it to The Cloud For You to Download.


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Your APS Films- Wherever You Go

We have partnered with Google Drive to give you an all access pass to your APS Films digital images using the Cloud. You can view, download & share your newly digitized APS Film using Google Drive Cloud Service to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • PC or Mac
  • Chrome OS
  • iPhone & iPad (coming soon)
  • Android Devices
  • google drive cloud download

    Instant Access - Instant Download

    Once we have uploaded your APS Film to Google Drive Cloud Service, we will share them with your Google Drive account. From there, you can download the APS Film right to your home computer.

    No more waiting for a disc to arrive in the mail!
    google drive cloud download

    Share with Friends & Family

    With Google Drive Cloud Service you can easily share your APS Films with friends & family with just a click of your mouse!
    google drive cloud storage scanning service

    Get Started!

    On your order form select "Google Drive Upload". You will be directed to a secure Google page where you will allow Larsen Digital to put files into your Google Drive account. Don't worry, this will not give us access to any of your personal account info, it only allows us to put the files in your account.

    If you don't already have a Google Drive account, you can sign up for a FREE 15GB account.
    Learn more about Google Drive Here

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