Photo Conversion

FREE Digital Color Correction for all Photo's

All photo's will be digitally color corrected for FREE.

Raw Scan
All photos fades over time.
Color Corrected
Images will receive color and contrast adjustments, minor spot treatment and cropping. All completed by a PhotoShop Expert.

Things To Know:

We scan Photos sized up to 8x10 at our standard price.

Photos that are larger than 8x10 will be billed as a scrapbook page:

150 DPI: Per Photo
300 DPI: $2.00 Per Photo

**You should fill out the SCRAPBOOK section of the order form.

Photo scans cannot take advantage of Digital ICE because the IR channel will only work on a transparent film. It will not work on reflective originals like photographs. If a photo has fingerprints, scratches or dust on the picture, it may show up in the scan.

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We will scan your sample images and you can download the completed scans. It's that simple! Full Details
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