Scrapbook Conversion Digital
Up to 12x12
Larger sizes have additional charge.

Scrapbook & Large Photo




Things To Know:

Prices are for scrapbook pages or albums sized up to 12"x12" or photos larger than 8x10, but up to 12x12.
Inquire for pricing for pages larger than 12x12.

Double sided scrapbook pages will be billed for each SIDE that is scanned.

Photo scans cannot take advantage of Digital ICE because the IR channel will only work on a transparent film. It will not work on reflective originals like photographs. If a photo has fingerprints, scratches or dust on the picture, it may show up in the scan.

Scrapbook pages containing embellishments that protrude from the page scratch the glass on our scanners, and therefore, cannot be scanned. We will not scan anything that has any sort of metal embellishment, or anything that may cause damage to our professional scanners.

Please remove your scrapbook pages from the plastic sheet protectors.

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