127 low cost scans


127 professional scans

FREE Digital Color Correction for all 127 Slides

Not only do you get your slides scanned on top-notch equipment, but your images will receive an automated fade correction, color balance, and image rotation post scanning.

Raw Scan
All 127 slides fades over time.
PRO Editing
Images will receive color and contrast adjustments, minor spot treatment and cropping. All completed by a PhotoShop Expert.
digital download for 127 format slide Scanning

Cloud Upload/Download

We will upload your files to the cloud or you can download the files from us!


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Prep Video Slides
We will scan your sample images and you can download the completed scans. It's that simple! Full Details
free sample scanning download

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View & Organize Online

Don't worry about organizing your 127 slides before you send them in. Select our online image organizer on the order form and once they are scanned and converted to digital images, you can organize them online. You can delete any unwanted images by just dragging them into the trash.

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Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 9000 film scanner for our 127 slide scanning, which provides significantly higher quality than flat bed scanners or consumer scanners.

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DVD Video Slideshow

Want to view your 127 slides on your TV? Add a DVD Video Slideshow!

More information about our DVD Slideshow offerings.

Scanned in the USA

We would never send your irreplaceable 127 slides outside the country like other companies do. We do all our 127 slide scanning in the USA!

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