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We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

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See What Customers In California Have to Say!

I want to start by saying thank you. Being overseas has its challenges. You guys were so great to work with me and I appreciate that. Thank you for making this process easy and stress free!

Liz L.
Los Angeles, California

you guys do a great job - and easy to work with. thanks!

Grant B.
Shingle Springs, California

Great job!
Thanks a lot!
You made this Christmas a little extra special!

Marco A. S.
INDIAN WELLS, California

I was pleased with all the work. Final product is excellent.

Dennis S.
Anaheim, California

I am very pleased with your service...very efficient, quick, you always kept me posted...I will recommend your service to others.

Barbara L.
Carmichael, California

Very happy. Everything looks great. Thank you!

Larry K.
Corona, California

We were very pleased with the color processing! Thank you, and when we proceed with our project, we will definitely use your company.

Linda D.
La Quinta, California

Larsen Digital:
I've been pleased with the results of your service, but I have been especially pleased by your willingness to take extra time assisting someone like me who has little knowledge or understanding of photo scanning and digital images. Our descendants will certainly appreciate the assistance you have given me. For them and from me, thank you.

Edward C. H.
Moraga, California

I was a little nervous sending off years of priceless family slides, but after tons of research looking for the best company, I felt I picked the right one when I picked Larsen. I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact, they were much better than expected. I've scanned slides myself and I know it's not easy, but most of yours are flawless. Some of the 126 slides will need some adjusting of the contrast and color, but overall the work you did was outstanding. I will recommend your company to my friends and I'm already putting together another patch of slides to be processed.

Thanks for the great work you did on our family treasures.
Dan S.
Burbank, California

I want to thank you all for the great job you did again of preserving my photos, slides and negatives!! It's wonderful to be able to access these on my pc and also to preserve my families history!

Marisa B.
Santa Monica, California

Fine service at all levels. Thanks!

Marjorie R.
Tiburon, California

Thank you for a great job. I appreciate the extra effort to organize my slides that tried to escape their binder during transit.

Don R.
Windsor, California

I'm pretty sure you know how impressed I am with your staff and with your service. Thank you for all you have done to help me work my way through the process. Doing my last bit of labeling now --until my wife finds something new --and looking forward to writing stories to go with the images that will help our grandchildren understand the way things were.

Edward H.
Moraga, California

Hi Larsen Digital,
I sent almost 50 color slides for transfer to cd. You notified me upon their arrival and upon their departure from your lab. As soon as I received them at my doorstep, I opened the package and all of my slides were enclosed, neatly and securely. The cd worked great, and the images are very nice, I can't wait to edit my photos or to take them in for printing. Excellent, quality work that was done fast! I'm really glad I trusted Larsen Digital with my slides.

Tina G.
Citrus Heights, California

I was very pleased with the quick and friendly service. I still have a huge store of slides & negatives, and I will continue to use Larsen Digital in the future.

James M.
San Leandro, California

Took a look at the digital images last night and am very pleased with them and with Larsen Digital. Being able to edit the images online was what made the sale in my case. Thanks.
Mark M.
Fresno, California

I was very happy and enjoyed the very good service from Michelle and Kim, I thank Michelle for the extra attention given to my order. I am a happy customer
Thank you
Louise R.
Pointe Claire, California

great job, reasonable price.
Ed S.
Oceanside, California

Thank You so Much, Very accommodating, encouraging staff, Perfect order to my spec's, and my biggest worry, super easy to load and edit in my computer. They are a very special time capsule, preserved beautifully and professionally.
A true treasure,
Mike A.
Little River, California

Service is excellent, costs very reasonable. The old slide projector and carousels will be gone. Another shipment of slides will be on the way soon. Like the "all done in USA" philosophy.
Thank you for the fine service,
George P.
Sacramento, California

Very pleased with the service, final product and price.
Michael H.
Bakersfield, California

Great service and quality scanning! Thanks.
Perry T.
Auburn, California

Thank you. Getting ready to send in my 4th job to Larsen. So pleased with the quality of your work.
Carol W.
El Cajon, California

I received my slides that you digitized for me today. You did a fantastic job, and thank you very much. If you ever need a reference, just ask me!
Thanks again,
Ken B.
Quartz Hill, California

You just completed scanning about 600 slides for me. They have arrived and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your excellent service and the overall high quality of my experience working with you. Everything I was hoping for and for what I received, very fairly priced!! We were very, very impressed with the results, the speed with which you accomplished this order and especially with our ability to immediately bring up the PowerPoint slide show so we could review some great old pictures that we hadn't seen in years and years.
Thanks again! Be assured I shall recommend your company whenever possible.

James M. Stanfield
Captain, USAF (ret)
Folsom, California

Thank you for my family DVD slideshow. It is a superb professional looking production that my family will enjoy for many years to come. The slides are vivid and clear with a great musical background. Again, thank you and in return for your great job, I will pass around my praise for Larsen Digital Services to all my friends and my co-workers at my job.
Ted G.
Chula Vista, California

I received my slides and CDs today. I am just thrilled with them. I have been busy sending various photos to my children since opening the box. Thanks so much for the great, very professional service! I was completely satisfied with your service, "ecstatic" might be a better word, and had lots of fun sending images to my grown children. There weren't any areas where you could have done better.
Judy M.
Southern California

It was a good job, and ahead of the delivery date promised - thanks.
Keith B.
San Dimas, California

Dear Larson:
At first I was somewhat concerned when my scans had dust specs. You responded by meticulously removing the specs. I have several images that were originally on 4x5 and 8x10 transparencies. Now they've been printed archivally as metal and colorpak prints and look absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Larson!
Peace Eternally,
Jack E.
Tustin, California

Great job, never thought it would be so easy to transfer jaz discs. Thank you!!!! great service!!

Sally C.
Northridge, California

I love the videos! You've done a wonderful job. The colors look great and its been so much fun to remember way back when. I would definitely use you again and tell all my friends and family what a wonderful result I got using your service!

Carol M.
San Francisco, California

All is well with my experience with Larsen.

John J.
Napa, California

It is unbelievable to have this in an updated media! We are all overwhelmed and so grateful. You were very speedy and the DVDs have turned out perfectly.

Lia M.
Petaluma, California

Thank You for the great job you performed on my parents movie film. They were ecstatic to see all their old films again. What a great anniversary surprise for them. Thanks for making it happen!

Sharon L.
San Diego, California

Excellent service & your customer service was top notch. I will use you again.

Jonathon R.
Los Angeles, California

I am very happy with how my slides turned out, the color was impressive considering how old they were.

Becky N.
South Beach, California

Great experience and fabulous customer service !!

Babara F.
Sherman Oak, California

You are the best! I am very pleased with the quality of the work done. I am hoping you can convert film negatives to .jpg pictures? I also have many more 8 mm videos that need digitization.
Thank you!

Robert J.
Fresno, California

Very pleased in all that we have done with you so far.

Jeri R.
Pacific Grove, California

Thank you! I'm very pleased with the results and how everything was handled. I'm excited to take these to my brother. He hasn't seen them in decades. I can't wait to share them!

Marsha G.
Citrus Heights, California

All -
I have shared the scans of my old stereo slides with my family and they are genuinely stunned, as am I. The true richness of the old Kodachrome film on which the slides were shot was captured more vividly than I had hoped. Fortunately, my parents kept those old Stereo Realist slides in the wooden cases with the drawers and a compartment for the viewer, which kept them temperature stabilized and helped preserve the film chemistry. The color is still rich and vivid, especially the reds and other warm colors. Simply, they all came out better than I expected and my entire family now has them to share.

Along with all that, the images came back ahead of schedule, the return packaging was better than the way I sent them in the first place, and delivery was well coordinated with UPS.

I could not have asked for better service.

Thank you.
Jeff B.
Canyon Country, California

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. My camcorder video cards were from an historic trip with my church group to Israel and had previously been attempted to duplicate on to DVD's by a church member with poor results. Your finished product was shown to our Pastor and he was elated. We will now be able to do some additional editing, duplicate the results and pass on to the group that were in the tour and relive many moments of a wonderful experience. Thanks again for solving our problem.

Jim C.
Placerville, California

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