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We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

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Fair price, smooth process... no complaints and lots of compliments regarding your service - very happy with the outcome and have already sent in a second order!

Happy Holidays
Christopher B.
Leadville, Colorado

Great job and great service. I'll be back again soon.

Ron S.
Grand Junction, Colorado

Great job, great service!!

Richard R.
Centennial, Colorado

Thank you for a excellent job. I appreciated the extra effort you made to make my husbands birthday DVD. Everyone at the party loved it - it was a hit!

Melanie G.
Denver, Colorado

I was referred to guys by my friend who used your service. You did a great job, I am satisfied with the service, the timing and pricing.
I will be sure to use you again in the future.

John V.
Aurora, Colorado

Everything was fantastic. Those old slides were taken back in the 60's! I can't believe how well they turned out.

Sara M.
Boulder, Colorado

I sent in some movie reels to be put onto a DVD and I am very happy with how my disc turned out.

Best Wishes,
Bob P.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Great service and quality scanning on my slides.

Timothy H.
Denver, Colorado

I am very pleased with your company. Not only did I received prompt service, but my pictures turned out very well. I anxious to try out my free 30 day membership with Pixorial. I have used several different companies and none compare to the service I received from you. I definitely will be using your service again and recommending you to my friends.
Thanks so much.
Kay B.
Arvada, Colorado

I want to thank you for helping me digitize some of my older slides. The images look great and Kim was excellent in keeping my up-to-date on my order.
Thanks again
Mike B.
Denver, Colorado

You are so easy to work with and deliver a professional product, an answer to my dreams of making years of my work digital with minimum effort on my part.
Loring A.
Denver, Colorado

Very pleased with the service, final product and price.
Jason E.
Denver, Colorado

I received my discs from UPS today and everything turned out great. My movie film looked great and now I can actually watch the film now that it's on DVD.
Jason A.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

You are doing a great job! The customer service you provide is exceptional and refreshing in this world where that seems to be fading. Keep up the good work!
Dustin T.
Fort Collins, Colorado

The service was fast, affordable and spot on. Thanks!

Michelle N.
Denver, Colorado

Larsen Digital continues to be my first choice for digital reproductions. You've proven over and over again that your work is quality and you go the extra mile to make sure I'm satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you!
Linda C.
Alma, Colorado

I am happy with my order a pleased with the service.

Valerie W.
Minturn, Colorado

Dear Larsen Digital, You've gained my trust in the past by transforming my now deceased parents' old slides into digital CD's. You did an excellent job and were timely in returning them all intact to me.

I am now extracting and editing the most meaningful clips from my father's library of home movies -- an even more daunting, but meaningful task (over 50 large reels) as he absolutely loved his movie camera and was quite prolific! I recently sent my first two customized reels to you for transformation onto DVD as an experiment to 1) make sure my extractions were okay and 2) that the reproductions were of high quality. The test passed on both counts!

I consider you a critical partner in this labor-of-love project I am working on for myself and my family. Warm regards,

Linda C.
Alma, Colorado

Looks great, thanks! I'll be back for more...

William S.
Boulder, Colorado

You did a great job. We are excited to see the reaction of our family when we present the slide show at Christmas.

Thanks for the good work.
Philip N.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

You're service is excellent! I'm very happy with the result and will be sending through additional orders soon. I've also recommended you to several friends who need 8mm and film scanning. Great work!

Bob C.
Denver, Colorado

We were pleased with the digital images from the negatives we sent to you so we plan to very soon send more negatives for scanning. We hope the results of these, too, will be good.

Thank you.
Joy R.
Boulder, Colorado

Your service is just fantastic! Two generations of my family are digitizing with Larsen.

Preston M.
Aspen, Colordao

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