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We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

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I sent you some slides as a test. You passed.
I sent you a box of nearly 600. You passed.

So, You are the company I have chosen to digitize the rest of my slides.
A third set was sent out via Priority Mail yesterday, Saturday, March 15, 2014.
I am impressed with the quality of the scans.
Bob H.
Nantucket, Massachusetts

Thank you larsen digital! I recommend you guys to everyone and have brought my moms videos from Reno, NV to turn to DVD's this last order. i have also brought some from my sister in Massachusetts to change from VHS to DVD.

My daughters dad passed away and he about 20 VHS tapes we changed to DVD. Unfortunately, her uncle, her dad's brother passed away the year after. Having the recently new DVD's from i was able to get the ones out that had her uncle on them, take them back to you to make more copies to give to her cousins, who's dad passed away. They were forever grateful. There is something about hearing a loved ones voice who is no longer with us. I had feared our VHS tapes would ruin over time, and there is a sense of relief knowing these memories are freshened with a DVD.

Larsen doesn't fail! Upon receiving my new transferred DVD's i always watch them to mark what is on them. There has been times the DVD is empty, and i take it back and at no charge, you redo them. I appreciate you bringing your business to our town! Thank you again. I am rounding up more old tapes from my brother to bring in!

Theresa T.
Farr West, Utah
via sister in Massachusetts

I was extremely happy with my experience with Larsen Digital. I received email updates at every step. My converted images were excellent quality and I received my original slides in excellent condition.

Thank you!
Jacki C.
Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Larsen digital was an absolute pleasure to work with! Great Website, very professional process from start to finish and I especially liked the personal emails from Kim Burke letting me know a few things regarding my order. You rarely see this personalized touch from companies in this ever increasing digital, fast paced, form letter world we live in.

My Dads health is quickly deteriorating and I was able to show him some old pictures on the computer just yesterday from the slides you were able to convert. He couldn't get through them all but we will continue to have 'viewing' sessions over the next couple weeks. To see his eyes light up and a smile on his face literally brought tears to my eyes.

The slides I had were an odd format as 35mm seemed to be more popular, and I had a 38mm format. I had a hard time finding someone local to convert these for me until I was directed to your website by one of those local companies. I was shocked at the low price you were able to offer too, an added benefit.

My Family and I thank Larsen Digital for making an old man smile in his final stage of life :)

Carol C.
Hansen, Massachusetts

I have had six boxes of 35mm slides digitized, with as many as 570 slides in one box. I plan on having three or four more boxes digitized. Clearly, I am satisfied.

Your service is very good. It takes about two weeks to scan 570 slides. I consider that fast service, perfectly acceptable for my needs.

So, your website is good, your scanning service quality is good, communication is good, and shipping is done well at a reasonable price.

I recommend your company without reservation.
Bob H.
Nantucket MA

It was great doing business with you folks! I was very pleased with the quality of the scanning and the video that were part of my order. Your staff was very helpful whenever I called. I was also pleased that my slides were bundled and returned just as they were sent, including my original labels, which will be nice if I need to retrieve an actual slide for any reason.

My three grown kids were thrilled to get 30+ years of family history that only I had access to before this project.

I will certainly be recommending your company to others and will likely have more orders for some video conversions. Thanks!

Don H.
Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Hello! And Thank You!
I am very happy with the job you did making some 250 digital images from my collection of dusty old slides. I am SO pleased to have the images in a format for easy viewing and no longer having to worry about the decline of the physical slides.

I am looking at more of my slides and will quite likely put together another box of slides and maybe negatives as well.

Thank you for the excellent work.

Jim F.
Gloucester, Massachusetts

I am thrilled with my digital prints. I sent you very old slides that were fading. I was nervous about sending them away, but the email communication and tracking made me feel at ease. My digital prints were amazing! Every print had detail in it, even the ones where the fading had been the worst. I look forward to sending you more slides. Thanks again for a wonderful job!

Jennifer G.
Newton, Massachusetts

Thanks for the quality results and the quickness of getting the pictures back to me. I will be sending more negatives once I have the chance to sort through the many negatives from 40 years ago.

Thanks again,
Eric M.
Stoughton, Massachusetts

People are always a little uneasy when they send off irreplaceable memories in the mail for something like digitizing of slides and photographs; I was no different. However, I couldn't be more pleased with my dealings with Larsen Digital. The files returned to me were first rate, the whole process was completed in a timely manner, and as someone who used to work in Customer Service myself, my hat is off to your Kim Burke, who handled all of my questions and my subsequent order details in exemplary fashion. Larsen Digital is great, and you can quote me on that. I WILL use Larsen again in the future!

Have a Great Fourth of July, all of you there at Larson Digital -
Sincerely Yours,
James G.
Norwood, Massachusetts

I was really happy with the quality of the 8mm movie transfer and how quickly you turned it around. Our family has A LOT of these 8mm movies that we'd like to transfer.

David M.
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Overall Happy doing return business with you...Will have another order for you in several weeks

Jay T.
Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Service was excellent, I will be using your services again.

John L.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

We recently had to move my 86-year old mother to assisted living, which meant that we had to clean out the home in which she had lived for 55 years. Among many other things we found hundreds of slides that had been taken from the mid-1950's through the mid-1970's. My wife found your site and I followed your very clear directions for packing and shipping the slides. Larsen digital sent us two sets of two DVD's exactly as and when promised. We are very pleased with the results and impressed with your service. Thank you!
Doug B.
Concord, Massachusetts

You guys did a great job. Everything is in good shape and just how I asked the job to be done. Thank you very much.
Dwayne B.
Amherst, MA

Dear Larsen Digital,
We have our disks and feel that the job was very well done and more quickly than we imagined! Thanks.
I'll be working on more orders for the future.
Susie W.
Augusta, MA

I wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the results of your work on my very old slides and negatives. Most of these slides were 30 to 40 years old and the memories are priceless. I now have CD copies and have shared these with my family and some friends. You probably already know, but let me remind you, that the result of your work can make many people very, very happy.

I was able to give photos of children and their parents (now deceased) that those children (now parents themselves) had not seen, and certainly did not remember that they even existed. Can't beat that!

Thanks again.
Steve P.
Norfolk, MA

Awesome job! Everything works great! Thank you very much.

Bill M.
Rockland, Massachusetts

I had many reels of film turned into dvd and I must say it is one of the best things I have done. You did everything quickly. I am so very pleased with the work that you do. I have recommended you to people I know.

keep up the good work!
Holly P.
Boston, Massachusetts

Great Job! I will use your service again.
Cathy C.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Wonderful Job! I wish I had known about you guys sooner.
Amber G.
Haverhill, Massachusetts

We are thrilled with the digitization of our precious memories. My brother and I can see our parents while they were newlyweds. Thank you so much.
Deborah W.
Lowell, Massachusetts

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