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We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

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See What Customers in North Carolina Have to Say!

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with our old 35 MM reel tapes! The music and quality of the transfer was awesome! This was well worth the money! Thanks again!

Marcia P.
Kernersville, North Carolina

I was referred to Larsen by a professional photographer. It was good to find a place that was able to digitize my large size 1950s negatives of my family.

Molly S.
Murphy, North Carolina

The pictures look very good. I am quite pleased with your service. Philip S. Pittsboro, North Carolina

You did a great job and I will send you more slides to digitize.

Bob F.
Southport, North Carolina

The slides look amazing on my computer, Thanks!

Allen R.
Charlotte, North Carolina

I received the videos this morning. It worked out perfectly as today is my father's 75th birthday. My whole family went to his house for dinner & I gave him the DVDs. He & my mother where so happy I can not possibly describe their excitement. He is fighting cancer and has been feeling stronger in the last week so he was really able to enjoy the DVDs.

We all were so amazed at how great they came out, so many were 50 years old but the images looked like they we shot yesterday. So many of them just popped out of the screen! You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for rushing, it made a perfect present for my dad today. I appreciate the speed and the quality of work you provided. I am so glad I found you guys!

Dave P.
North Carolina

Kim and Michelle were absolutely great with helping me with all of my questions. Thanks for a job well-done.

Melinda W.
Chape Hill, North Carolina

Many of my 4,000 35mm slides were over 40yrs old. It was very important to me to have these priceless treasures digitized. I was completely satisfied with the well executed and economical service you offer. The results were fantastic! And the print results were far beyond my expectations. Keep up the great work.

Don R.
Leland, North Carolina

Actually, Larsen Digital, I did want to tell you that I am (so far) really pleased with the whole experience - I am halfway through viewing the DVDs, and they are great so far. I know this is your business, but I am really grateful to you.

Hazel N.
Westmount, North Carolina

It was an easy process, and each time I called the person who answered was very patients and helped me figure out what to do. [this was my first time at doing this.] I like the ability to see the photos online and go through them before having a disc made.

The only surprise [remember this was my first time and I'm NOT real computer savvy with slides/photos, etc.] When I got the disc back and put into the holder, NOTHING happened. I didn't know what to do, and thought there was a problem with what you sent. I called my computer guy and he said that I had to download them to my computer and he helped me do it. Without him, I would never have seen the slides.

I was pleased with the experience.
Sharon H.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I am very pleased with my order. The pictures look great! Very satisfied.

Thank You,
Ken C.
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Loved the work you did!
Richard H.
Mint Hill, North Carolina

You folks are great. A special thanks the Kim, who is so patient with me. Because of the volume of your work done for me, I cannot respond to any problems with your work; however, I do feel that if I have a problem, you will be happy to rectify it for me.

Thanks, Melinda W.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Hi guys,
My pictures turned out great! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job; I'm having so much fun looking at them. You made this process very easy for me at every step.

Thanks again,
Gary T.
Durham, North Carolina